Things I’ve Seen, Pt. 3

21 10 2008

Third edition!  (Short, but I just wanted to get it out, eh.)

1.  Sexy Dollar

Sexy Dollar
Ryan’s free phone sex

Ryan received this dollar bill as change from some girl at some restaurant. Point being, he’s never spent it. His reasoning is that he would be weirded out giving it to anyone, though we told him he could just put it in a vending machine.

And, yes, we did call the number. It’s always an answering machine.

2.  Women Tornado Shelter

Women Tornado Shelter
Sexist sign

So, what, is it a women’s only tornado shelter? What’s the deal? Also, why is this sign on the third floor of ENS … ?

3.  Superhero Volleball

Superhero Volleyball
Libby the Volleyball Superhero

Libby, we knew you were awesome at Volleyball, but this picture makes you even better! Seriously, you can shoot balls out of your hand?! Why have you not told anyone about this super power?!





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