Things I…, Synopsis

It’s a glorious thing, how twisted a conversation can appear when I come in right in the middle of it.  Not only that, but it never ceases to amaze me the amount of stupid things people have to say that I am lucky enough to overhear.  It happens all the time:  I walk out of a building and merge with the traffic, my ears picking up on the nearest conversation.

Whether it’s the middle of a personal conversation (without the proper context), the remark of a completely ignorant person, a glimpse into the mind of an ADD freshman, or the obvious flirtations of a guy trying to impress the girl he’s walking with (or vice-versa), the overheard conversations can be hilarious.

The Things I’ve Heard series aims to exploit such overheard conversations and deliver them for your amusement.

Then there’s those awkward, annoying, or just unusual things that happen we see or do everyday that are somehow accepted by society.  The Things I Don’t Understand series aims to shed light on the irony of these situations.

Lastly (for now), we have the Things I’ve Seen series, which are situations we’re fortunate enough to catch on digital.

DISCLAIMER:  The following stories are all true, personally observed (or personally swiped from Wikipedia), and provided solely for the amusement of others, not to defame a person’s identity or character in any way.  All names have been removed to protect the innocent.  However, claiming offense to one of the stories will only result in your name being added to the story.  You’ve been warned.

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